The French Bulldog Village Alumni Coordinators have found another frenchie alum to be posted. Her name is Stella. Stella was originally our foster Cookie. This is what her owner, Ivory, had to say about her:

Stella is doing great. We love her to pieces. She is sweet, sassy, a tad mischievous and overall just perfect for our family. She is such a snuggle bug. She sleeps with my son every evening and they have a sweet routine of getting tucked in together at night. Stella loves going for car rides. She adores the dog bar and always makes friends wherever she goes. We are so thankful that Stella joined our family!

Take a few minutes to read Stella’s original bio!

Do you have an alum of French Bulldog Village that you would like us to post? If so, please contact Kim Rossbach/Gail Cohen and FBVillage will be more than happy to get them posted to the website for you. We enjoy seeing our former fosters posted on the website and other people like to read their happy stories as well. We love to know what our babies are doing and where they are today!!