Rosie’s (Aka Rose) vet visit went well. She is healing beautifully. We have started on a new medication to see if it will help with her bladder incontinence. She has to go back in 2 weeks for a check up. By then we hope to have all of her skin healed and determine if medication is helping. If she gets a clean bill of health, next step is her spay surgery. The doctor is still unsure if her bowel incontinence will heal itself or not. Unfortunately, it is believed to be caused by tissue damage and there is nothing more at this point that can be done for that. The good news is, this super cute little girl has great poop!  She has the digestive track of a rock star and in the mornings she is very easy to clean up after. Usually she has a bowel movement once a day in her sleep. Also if needed, she can be diapered easily.  She even loves wearing super cute onesies to keep her diaper on.  Check back on our little blondie’s status, as she is really looking forward to her forever home.

rosepjsIf you can spare an extra bone or two, please throw our Rosie a donation. She will greatly appreciate it.
It’s hard work being this cute!