Rou is a sweetheart and she loves her toys. Having chew toys readily available is a must as her foster mom works to counter her puppy mouthy tendencies. Rou is incredibly sweet and so trainable! Although Rou is still very dog reactive, she has made amazing strides. The intensity of her reactions to other dogs during walks has decreased. She has been great about walking past dogs when they’re across the street and looking to her foster mom for her treats, rather than barking and reacting. According to her foster mom, the secret to success was a combination of hot dogs and boiled chicken!

At night, Miss Rou generally either curls up on the couch or snuggles in the bed. In the morning, she wakes up with an adorable groggy face (she’s a bit slow to wakeup). Rou loves everyone and is so excited to see anyone!

If you’d like to throw Miss Rou a bone, please sponsor her by donating below. As her foster mom said, she needs her chew toys!