Please join us in welcoming Cheeka and Kiaya to French Bulldog Village! We would like to give a shout out to Pilots and Paws who were kind enough to help fly these two girls to their foster home in TN. They are such an amazing group of individuals!

Cheeka and Kiaya were surrendered when their owner had some major changes in life and realized she needed some help given her new circumstances. Cheeka is the black-masked fawn and is 5 years old. Kiaya is the pied Frenchie and is 4. They will need to stay together and are both healthy. They do have to be spayed, though, before they can be placed up for adoption. 

They are both feisty ladies and have settled in well in their foster home. Cheeka (monkey) is obsessed with every toy she finds and Kiaya is a total love bug! While they are good with other dogs, they can be bossy. Slow introductions with other dogs is definitely recommended with these two.

More updates to follow on Cheeka and Kiaya!!