Chonky is back in foster care due to biting his adoptive human (possibly due to resource guarding). He is now on Prozac which has helped to calm him. His foster mom has also been working with him a lot on training exercises provided by the Veterinary Behaviorist. 

Chonky is a gorgeous 3.5-year-old boy. He was taken to the county shelter as an injured stray and then taken in by FBV. He had to have surgery to close a large laceration to his face and reattach his ear which is now a little crooked. He sure hasn’t let that get him down, though. Despite his ear having to be reattached, his hearing is incredible. No one will ever porch pirate a package from your front door again. He hears even the quietest package drop.


He is being fostered in a home with 4 larger dogs and still seems to think “no one is the boss of me.” He is, in typical Frenchie fashion, ready to take on anyone for his favorite toy or snack. He pushes his way to the front of the line…always! We suspect his injuries may have been the result of being a bit too pushy with another dog. He is friendly with dogs but expect him to want to be the first on your lap when you sit down, and every new toy will be his first…so make sure any resident dogs are tolerant of this pushy boy. He would also be just as happy as an only dog. A strong human leader is definitely a must as well!


Chonky is extremely exuberant when meeting new people and tends to be jumpy and mouthy from excitement so would do best in a home with only older children. He also tends to want everything and will take toys from other dogs and most likely children too. He also must be fed separately from other dogs, or he will eat everyone else’s food after finishing his own.


Chonky is housebroken, leash trained, and crate trained. However, he would prefer not to be crated. He will howl and protest if kept away or crated from his people. He also will protest when you leave the house but settles and is not destructive left in the house alone. He will require someone who is home all day or who can at least provide him with a midday potty break.


He is an adventurous sole…always up for a walk on his harness, to play with a toy, and to learn a new trick. He picks up new tricks incredibly fast and would do anything for a snack. He came to the shelter at 39.5 pounds, but he has a goal to fit into his bikini for his new adoptive family. He has lost 6 pounds already and is down to 33.5 pounds. He just has a few more to go. 


He has never met a stranger he doesn’t LOVE, but he tends to be easily excited and a bit over exuberant, so his foster family is working on his manners. He is the quintessential French Bulldog: brave, pushy, loveable, playful, adorable, funny, up for anything and afraid of nothing.


His likes include car rides, dinnertime, getting his harness on to go for a W-A-L-K, and cuddling with his people. His dislikes are as follows: landscapers, making the bed, Velcro, and anything that keeps him away from his people.