It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of hospice foster, Coco. Her foster mom shared this lovely memorial with us:


“It is with a very heavy heart that I am sad to say that Coco crossed over the rainbow bridge. She was just 2 months shy of being 15 years old. Coco was in hospice care with me, and I was lucky to have her for the last 4 years. She was a sassy lady who brought so much joy to everyone. Rest easy beautiful baby...until we meet again.”


RIP sweet Coco. You will be very missed.

UPDATE 4/12/2019:

Coco had a checkup with the vet back in February. Per the vet, she is doing okay. She continues to live with cancer and is blind and deaf. Her foster family is making sure she has the best life possible. We are so thankful for our wonderful foster homes!

UPDATE (3/3/2017):

Coco recently had surgery to remove a mass on her neck that was causing her irritation. Unfortunately, the results of the biopsy of the mass turned out to be cancer. With Coco’s advanced age, the Village has decided not to pursue additional treatment options beyond keeping her comfortable and happy. Coco will stay with her foster Mom and live out the remainder of her days (which we are hoping for many, many more!)

We thought we had found the perfect home for Coco and our fingers were crossed, yet it wasn't meant to be. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, Coco came back into foster care. Here is Coco's original bio:

Are you home, sitting on the couch in your sweats or yoga pants at 8PM with a wish for some company? Are you at the time in your life where the social mecca of clubs and bars with the “shots, shots, shots” anthem is no longer appealing? Well you are in luck because we’ve got your couch wingman errrr lady right here.  

Coco is a 10 year old mature brindle pied bulldog of the French variety. Now don’t go thinking “oh she’s so old, all she will do is lay around and what if she dies??”  

Let’s get that addressed first and get it out of the way so we can move onto the fun stuff. None of us are promised tomorrow and Coco, like all dogs, lives for today. It’s about the quality of the time we have here, not the quantity. While there is no guarantee with adopting an older dog there really isn’t any with a young pup either. Coco is in EXCELLENT health for her age and breed and she’s personally informed us that she is going to make the most of whatever time she has left. Please do not let her age deter you. Senior dogs are amazing!  

 Let’s count the ways:

housetrained – check! 

crate trained – check! 

SUPER house manners – check! 

adjusted to riding in the car – check! (she loves it!)

knows commands – check! (come, sit, stay, fetch… that’s quite a repertoire for a Frenchie lol!) 

Besides Coco says puppies are totally annoying. 

Now that we’ve convinced you (like those cute photos of Coco didn’t already) to keep reading, let’s talk about some of the things Coco can do to enrich YOUR life. Maybe you are a single guy or gal that works from home but needs someone to motivate you to get outdoors and get a little social. Well you’ve got an instant social butterfly in Coco. No larvae stage, that’s straight to beautiful butterfly for her.  

She is so unbelievably cute and such a clown that you are probably going to end up the most popular person in your apartment complex, condo association or block. This girl is a doll to everyone she meets, ready with kisses and clownish antics. She has never met a stranger and with Coco by your side, neither will you.  

When you are all worn out from that socializing and showing off your socially fabulous friendly Frenchie, Coco is quite content to relax by your side on the couch. Get your sweats out, a cup of hot tea (or something stronger, she won’t judge) and get ready to relax. Here’s a cool fact, Coco doesn’t even need yoga pants to get into full relaxation mode! 

What else can Coco do for you? Well for starters she’s excellent at listening to your problems. Those could be of the work, family, money variety…. you name it, her response will be to listen closely and provide meaningful feedback. Meaningful feedback will likely consist a super cute head tilt or a bored snore. The snore being a reminder to let it go, it’s not really worth worrying about it anyways. Besides is there anything cuter than a Frenchie with a tilted head listening intently to your every word or little Frenchie snores? NO, nope there’s not.  

If you haven’t guessed it by now, Coco is most happy when she is with you. In fact that’s the only reason she was surrendered. Her previous owner, who had her from 7 months old, could no longer spend the time she had used to with Coco. As a result of her being away at work all day and Coco not getting the attention she was accustomed to, she developed separation anxiety. Coco is currently on a low dose of medication to help ease her transition from her previous home to foster care and to offset some of the anxiety. She’s doing better but this is something she will have in her new home as well. Her new family must be prepared, it will take Coco a few weeks to settle in. This transition will be so much easier on all involved if someone is home the majority of the time. We’d like to see someone that could take Coco to work, maybe someone that works from home, or a retired couple, adopt Coco. We think that would be the true “cure” to her separation based anxiety. You don’t need to be a homebody, as we’ve mentioned Coco is the perfect social and traveling companion. She’d just like you to bring her along than leave her all alone in an empty house.   

Coco has been an only dog all her life. She’s living in a foster home with other dogs and doing ok with learning to share. She has a tendency to guard her food and her human. It’s this behavior that’s sparked some fights with her as the instigator. Coco is an alpha female and will gladly take the lead with the other dogs in the household, if she’s given the chance. Now her foster Momma knows what’s she up to she won’t let her get away with that bad behavior! Coco would appreciate a canine companion but it must be of a complimentary type. Putting Coco in a house with another dominant female would be trouble!  

You know what else Coco can give you? The pleasure of knowing that you saved a life. This is something that truly is not measurable in any increment in the methods known here on earth. By adopting from rescue, you are supporting our efforts to continue to save dogs in need. We don’t need to tell you how that makes those pups feel, you will be able to see it in their eyes when they realize they have a forever home with you.