I am sure that many of you have seen Cookie’s story on our webpage and Facebook, well now it’s time for her OFFICIAL introduction! Cookie was surrendered to the Village because she had bilateral luxating patellas. Basically it means her knees wouldn’t stay in the proper position. This is another health issue that can be present in all dogs, including our beloved Frenchies. Surgery to correct this issue is very expensive and her owners could not afford it.

That’s where the Village came in and thanks to our supporters, we were able to get Cookie the surgery she needed. Cookie was really lame and painful on her right leg but is feeling much better now. Her right knee was the worst and it needed fixed immediately. She may also eventually need surgery on her left knee as well but right now it’s not causing problems. Cookie is on strict crate rest for the next two months which her foster Mom is enforcing though she reports it’s not easy keeping a puppy quiet! Cookie is receiving the absolute best medical care in her foster home and we don’t think it will be long before she is completely healed up. Cookie’s foster has gotten her up to date on all her vaccinations and she is set to get her “big girl” spay in the next week or two.

Cookie’s foster Mom reports that Cookie is quite the love bug if you can get her to hold still long enough for snuggles. She loves wrestling with her foster sister (also a Frenchie) and her foster brother (a Doberman) but those activities are restricted due to her recent surgery. Cookie can’t wait to get healed up so she can get back to playing! As you’ve read she’s good with dogs her size and larger but she can play pretty rough so smaller dogs may not tolerate her enthusiasm. She LOVES to chase things that move fast so a house without cats or small scampering critters would be best. Cookie is house trained and crate trained and listens very well to her Foster Mommy when she tells her what to do. She loves nylabones and will chew on them for hours.

If you are looking for a new BFF, Cookie would certainly fill those shoes!