Location: Florida

Age: 1

Sex: Female, spayed

Weight: 20#

Kids: older/dog savvy

Cats: N9

Dogs: Yes, same size or larger preferred

Adoption fee: $600


Little Cookie was an owner surrender to the Village.  She needed surgery for her luxating patellas, and her owner wasn’t able to handle the expense at this time.   They did a brave and selfless thing for Cookie by surrendering her to us.  Cookie has had a surgical repair of the right patella.  She may eventually need her left repaired, but at this time it is not causing any problems or lameness.

Cookie is young, a year and a half, basically still a puppy, and a petite 20 pounds of housebroken pretty!  She adores people and other dogs.  She has a great temperament, shows no food aggression; she has mild toy aggression- but only with dogs she knows she can get away with it.  She likes to  snuggle on the couch with you, often with her head in your lap.    She considers Nylabones to be her “cookies” and will chew on them happily for hours.  You have to keep an eye on her outdoors as she likes to chew on other things she finds!  She is a puppy after all!   She considers car rides to be great adventures and is a great passenger.  She is a very playful, puppyish, sweet and loving.

Cookie can be very persistent in her requests to play with other dogs – she would like a home with another playful dog her size or larger.  She may bully a smaller, older, or submissive dog.  She needs an occasional time out as she can get over excited and doesn’t know when to stop.

Cookie is very HIGH energy and would be best in a home without young children as she would likely knock them over.  Older children would be fine.  She also has a high prey drive, so another requirement would be no cats or other small animals.

Cookie could use some obedience classes to work on her leash pulling.  Her foster mom has been helping her with this, but she still needs more work.  She is mildly protective of her cage or crate.  She will charge the front when another dog walks by.  She corrects easily and is getting better at this.

Of course, Cookie would love all the attention she could get, but she so loves other dogs, we would prefer a home with another playful active dog her size or larger.   She would be okay with a family who worked but would need someone who could come home for a noon potty and exercise break. She loves long walks and sniffs everything along the way.  She would probably be fine with a first time Frenchie owner but would need someone dedicated to her training since she is such an intelligent young lady.  Because of her knee surgery it would be best to be in a home with no stairs or just a few stairs.  Please keep in mind that she may need a future expensive patella surgery on her other knee.

Cookie is very loving, smart and tries very hard to be a good girl.  She is young and has a lot of potential


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