Darla in Pennsylvania

Please give a warm welcome to Darla, FBV’s newest foster!!! Darla is a sweet 5-year-old Frenchie being fostered in Pennsylvania. She was surrendered to the Village when her family realized they no longer could care for her. When Darla came into our care, her nails were so long that she was unable to walk. We also realized that she has some neurological issues causing her to be wobbly in her hind legs and drag her back feet as she walks. Because of dragging her feet, she had sores and calluses on the tops of her back feet.

Given Darla’s back end issues, she does leak urine. Expressing her bladder seems to help lessen this; however, her foster family has been having her wear a diaper for those times she does leak. She also suffers from recurrent UTIs and some skin problems which have caused patches of hair loss.

Darla is fitting right into the pack at her foster home! She loves all dogs and kids. She is a little, hilarious spitfire who never stops moving. Per her foster mom, “she is 50 pounds of sass in a 20-pound package” and has absolutely no fear. Darla craves attention and while her foster home anxiously awaits for her true personality to emerge, they have already found out that she loves apples, belly rubs, kisses and toys!

She is very smart…when she wants something, she does not hesitate to let you know. She also loves to play and hops around just like a bunny! She is a happy pup who is loving her freedom from her previous circumstances and has already earned the nickname of ‘Gremlin’ from her foster dad!

Darla is still being vetted to determine her neurological issues and if there is anything that will help her urinary incontinence. Darla has quite the road ahead of her. If you would please consider donating to her care, she and FBV would be forever grateful!