And so, the next dog we decided to bring to you is Dax.

Dax’s mama has this to say about her fine boy:

“Dax is a welcome addition to our family. He is a French Bulldog/Chihuahua mix that was owner surrendered.  After having a French Bulldog, and never having a Chihuahua, I noticed we divided his traits into two categories. French bulldog or Chihuahua.  Of course, that seems rather silly, because all of his traits are his own.

Dax seems to prefer the company of men. Imagine! He likes to have my husband hold him when my husband sits at the computer. I do notice he follows me downstairs in the morning, because, let’s face it… he may love his human dad more… but mom feeds him!

Dax is a happy, healthy dog with no medical issues. He has fun at the local dog park. He doesn’t chase after a ball, but he will run with the dog that is chasing the ball. He is fairly quiet, but will whine out of wanting to meet other dogs. He seems to like BIG dogs, too. At night when he is sleeping, he actually says “woof” when he’s dreaming. I think it is the cutest, since I never hear him say “woof” when he is awake.

We love him and we are glad he is part of our small family.”

This is another successful adoption and in the past few months we have brought you approximately 15 other stories.  We are constantly busy trying to find other dogs to post.  If you would like to see your dog on our Facebook page or our website, please contact Gail Cohen (one of our alumni coordinators) at

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