July 15th Update:

This is Denver, modeling an electro-magnetic apparatus that we are trying, in order to alleviate his sleep-apnea. He doesn’t like it much, but only has to wear it at night. It is attached to an inflatable donut collar with velcro, since the cone collars are so uncomfortable. It’s FDA approved for humans and is quite effective in stimulating cells in repairing themselves.  It is typically used to help accelerate healing after facial reconstruction recovery. It’s a long shot in this case, but since his jaw is unable to open enough to effectively inspect his palate, tonsils and saccules – let alone perform surgery on them, it’s the only option available to us. He is a trooper in spite of the inconvenience and slight discomfort. He has a wonderful demeanor and leaves a wake of admirers wherever he goes.

Here is a list of Denver’s medical needs and the estimated cost. Please consider sponsoring this sweet boy.

Palate, Nares, and Jaw Surgery with complication of jaw malformation
Estimated Cost $2,000


Denver is a very heavy, thick, 2 year old frenchie with a sweet disposition. He Loves all people and animals. While he likes to play with the others, he also wants to have all the human attention possible, while being very polite about it. He will usually just walk towards you and rest his forehead on whatever body part he can access. He likes scratches under his chin and has amazingly soft fur. He is well potty trained and knows exactly what to do, even in new environments. However, he will NOT go up or down stairs. He doesn’t like them. He does not jump up on people or furniture(although this might be due to his luxating patella in both rear legs).

Denver may have some other medical issues before we get this handsome guy over onto our available page, but his foster dad is very much on top of them and has been consulting with a top notch Frenchie vet. Send good
thoughts (and any spare change you might have) for Denver, while we figure out exactly what is going on in that good looking Frenchie head!

If you would like to sponsor this adorable boy – please click on the donate button below.  Keep an eye out for future updates on the adventures of Denver!

Special Thanks to Denver’s sponsors:

Sandra Musallam

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