UPDATE 8/24/2017:

Devlin is currently in his awkward, gangly stage with gigantic ears. He loves to cuddle and lie on his back. He is also always standing on his hind legs like a kangaroo. Devlin is still working on potty training.

He is slowly starting to have more flexibility and is bearing more weight on his repaired leg. Trying to keep this boy calm has definitely been a challenge, but he is worth it. This little guy is such a cutie!

Meet Devlin! He is approximately 18 weeks old and came to French Bulldog Village with a pretty complicated injury to his humerus. It was fractured in 3 places! His previous owner surrendered him to a veterinarian office and they contacted us.

Devlin had surgery to make the necessary repairs of his humerus on August 7th, 2017. He is now in foster care recovering from surgery. He is currently on crate rest and will need laser therapy, as well as physical therapy. He is settling into foster care very well.

He is the sweetest little guy and has quite the under bite that makes him just as cute as a button. Please follow this handsome boy for updates on his progress!