Foster boy Dexter had a massive seizure and passed away. Dexter has never had a seizure before or showed signs of anything medically wrong with him. The family got him into a vet asap but he was already gone. Please hold your hands and hearts out to his foster parents as they mourn their little charge and please hug your own dogs just a little bit harder today…

God bless you Dexter. Fly high over the rainbow bridge. 

UPDATE 6/22/2018:

Dexter is still demonstrating behavioral issues and will require much more time in foster care to address these issues. He has been starting to relax more in his foster home and has been minimally interacting with his foster dog siblings.

Dexter is still unpredictable in his behavior. He continues to be fearful in many situations and has shown some fear aggression. He also resource guards his foster mom. His foster family has been sure to give him boundaries and has been working with him consistently. His behavior has definitely improved; however, he continues to have set backs when meeting new people and encountering new environments.

He likely will not be able to be placed in a home with kids (unless much older) and/or other animals. He continues to try to be a good dog despite some setbacks. He loves to lounge outside on the back deck and he takes a long mountain walk for over 4 miles every Sunday! He is not really into toys but has started to open up and play with some balls with rubber feet. He is also starting to eat dog snacks more.

More updates to follow!

UPDATE 6/13/2018:

His foster mom reports that Dexter is doing well and coming out of his shell but still has a lot fear and anxiety when meeting new people and being introduced to new environments. They continue to build his confidence but this will be a long road for Dexter. Stay tuned for more updates!

Dexter is new to the Village and will be living with his foster family in PA. He was surrendered by a good Samaritan who adopted him from the shelter (he had been taken to the shelter for not getting along with a baby in the house). The woman who surrendered Dexter decided she was not ready for another dog after losing her beloved Frenchie to cancer. She contacted FBV because she knew we would find Dexter a loving forever home.

Dexter is 2 years old and weighs a whopping 37 lbs. So far he has been healthy and is up-to-date on vaccines and neutered. Dexter is still being evaluated, but please keep following him as we post updates on his personality and behavior.