Location: Carlsbad, CA

Age: 2 yrs

Sex: Male, neutered

Weight: 22 lbs

Kids: Yes

Cats: likely ok, NO BIRDS

Dogs: Yes

Adoption fee: $600

Diesel was surrendered to the rescue when his owner found that he was spending less and less time at home due to work and other responsibilities. He paid for Diesel to attend day care 3 to 4 times a week but he also knew this wasn’t the same as having an ever present owner / family. His owner cared enough that he knew that letting Diesel go was the best chance for him to have a better life.

Diesel is a happy go lucky guy and really has no medical issues to speak of, other than typical Frenchie allergy flare ups. He’s a good boy who does very well with potty training if he’s let out frequently. His previous home did not have a dedicated outdoor space so this likely played a role if Diesel were to have an accident. We are requiring that Diesel’s new home to have a fenced in yard. Diesel is crate trained and has never soiled his crate.

Speaking of crating, it’s never by his own choice that he does go into the crate, he’d much rather be out and about with his family. So getting him into a crate can be a challenge. We’d love to find a household where Diesel never has to experience long lonely hours in the crate again. In addition Diesel has shown some separation anxiety if he is left alone, this likely stems from all the time he spent I his crate. Perhaps you could take him to work with you or maybe you work from home? That would be perfect for this boy!

Diesel has shown himself to be good with other dogs though he’s not quick to back down if a dog has something he desires like toys or food. He has also shown aggression if one of his foster sisters’ comes near his food bowl. He’s a little better now than when he first arrived but this will need to be worked on. Please tell us how you would manage this interaction if you have another dog in the household.

Diesel is pretty laid back, he enjoys cuddling and sleeping on the bed with you but he also appreciates an active household and is not overwhelmed by this. As long as he’s near his people, he’s happy!. in his current foster home, he goes for walks 2 times per day about a mile at a time. Of course if it’s hot he’s not taken out for these extended walks but it’s evident that he does enjoy his exercise and this helps to keep him nice and calm. Diesel walks well on lead with his foster sisters. He is a dog that would really shine from training.

Diesel does well with car rides and pretty much anything else that’s thrown at him, speaking of throwing things, he really loves tennis balls!!!

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