Dolly has been adopted by her foster dad.  Here is what he has to say about this happy ending:

“I have a pretty big ego at times, but this is one time I am happy to say, “I failed”. I failed as a foster to Dolly because I am adopting her and going to be her new dad. I had been fostering her since before the end of the year and we have had some difficult times; countless vet visits, therapies, medicines, operations, etc… but during that time we have become quite fond of one another and the┬árest of my crew agrees, she belongs with us.

Dolly’s last operation was her ear ablation so now she is deaf for the most part, although she sure can hear me whistle and hears the other dogs barking (common when the eardrum is left intact). However you would never know she is anything but a fun happy somewhat chubby little love bug and after our long journey together can’t imagine it any other way. I am so very fortunate that French Bulldog Village is allowing me to adopt my ward. It’s a bit more complicated than simply fostering, but FBV cares for both their foster parents and their fosters enough to let fate step in and interrupt the mission.

So, heres to our new life together. It’s off to a great start.”