Update 11/4/2012:

On the heels of an auction held by The Barktastic 4 in her honor, Dolly is headed back to her surgeon’s office tomorrow morning.  Yesterday, her surgical site began to swell and today it is nearly the size of a golf ball.  Dolly’s surgeon said there was a chance it could get infected again and that’s exactly what has happened.  Most likely, her surgeon will have to make an incision and repack the site with antibiotic.  You might be asking yourself why? Why would it get infected again?  Dolly has a rare bacteria.  It is so rare that treating with a single antibiotic will only treat one or two of the four bacteria’s in her system.  She had such a bad infection in her body at the time she was surrendered to the French Bulldog Village, she almost died.  Dolly has made much progress, but fighting this bacteria in her system is not an easy case. She has several vets working together and we are going to fight to get Dolly back on her feet and wipe that bacteria out of her body!

Poor Dolly just can’t seem to get a break.  Her foster Mom has been giving Dolly the highest level of care, prays for her every night and has even brought out her crystal and copper Chakra for a metaphysical healing.  You might not believe in that but it won’t hurt Dolly even if you don’t!  Many people have come forward to help Dolly and I know if she could talk, she would thank each and every person that has shared their love, prayers, donations and well wishes on her behalf.  Dolly’s foster Mom says; “I am so worried about Dolly, I will be sleeping on the couch monitoring her all night.  Why do these things always happen on a weekend?  Dolly is eating well, drinking and is not lethargic at all or she would be in the hospital right now.  I would rather have her here with me so I can keep a good eye on her. If she gets worse, she will be off to the hospital but hopefully not until the sun rises tomorrow morning and her doctor is there.  Please pray for little Dolly.”

The auction for Dolly starts tomorrow and couldn’t have come at a better time!  The Barktastic 4 has brought together incredible art, crafts and other goodies.  You can see the items available for bid at The Barktastic 4.  You can also send a donation for Dolly by clicking on the donate button below.  A donation in any amount is needed and deeply appreciated.  Thank you!


 UPDATE 10/26/2012

We have all seen them, gruesome photos of rescued dogs that have found their way into rescue organizations across the country.  Dogs through no fault of their own who have been mistreated, abused and neglected.  After nearly 5 weeks in French Bulldog Village foster care, Dolly Madison is looking incredibly well today.  But it has been a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs. She is healing well after her surgery a couple weeks ago and the infection has been cleared and numerous polyps have been removed from her left ear through laser therapy.  In fact, if you see Dolly walking down the street you might think she looks great and is perfectly well.  Unfortunately, not so.  Although this little sweetheart has made incredible improvements, she still has a bad infection underneath her body.  Her belly, feet, chin and neck are red from allergies or the bacterial infection and the superbug we have been fighting to snuff out is still in and on her body.  The redness changes from almost looking normal to red flare ups that come and go throughout the day. Dolly is still on an antibiotic, but that medication will only fight 2 of the 4 bacteria’s they found.  We are hoping through a strict elimination diet, baths every 3 to 4 days, and supplements, Dolly’s own immune system will continue to get stronger and she will beat that rare bug or the allergy will clear that has been causing her so much trouble.

Dolly’s foster Mom reports “Dolly continues to amaze me.  When I think of all of the months and months she suffered in pain and the terrible state she was in before coming into rescue but she is just the sweetest French Bulldog I have ever met.  She is an inspiration to me and one of the reasons I love dogs so much, they are so forgiving.  Dolly attended a fund raiser for the local no-kill animal shelter yesterday and she dressed as a butterfly.  I am confident with the extensive care she is receiving, she will bloom into a new, healthy happy Frenchie”.

Dolly has been to the vet or a animal hospital 15 times since she arrived into FBV foster care!  12 of those visits were for laser therapy. Her next scheduled laser treatment is in 2 weeks.  Her medical expenses have exceeded $4,300.00 so far.  We have received approximately $1,600.00 in donations and are asking the French Bulldog community and friends of French Bulldog Village to come forward on Dolly’s behalf and make a donation in any amount to help defray the cost of caring for Dolly and so we can continue to help her and other needy Frenchies that come into our care.

Dolly has her very own fund raising event coming up!  It is an online Face Book auction sponsored by a wonderful group called The Barktastic 4. B4 are Pugzlii Ann Myrtle-Grace, Kiko’s Place (Pug Tails), Timmy The Pampered Pug and Churchill The French Bulldog. They organize charity auctions for the benefit of helping rescues and pets in need.   The auction opens November 5th and closes on November 13th, please go to TheBarktasticFour  for more details and photos of some of the merchandise that will be available.  In addition, if you have an item you would like to donate, please contact The Barktastic Four at barktastic4@gmail.com Thank you Barktastic Four!

Dolly thanks everyone for their love and support!


UPDATE 10/10/2012:

We are fighting a battle to save Dolly Madison’s life!  It is with deep sadness that we have to report that Dolly had to undergo a major surgery a couple days ago.  Much to our surprise it was not her left ear, the ear we have been treating with laser therapy and medication for the last two weeks.  It’s her right ear, the ear that already had an ear ablation surgery.  This type of surgery requires a specialized Veterinarian to perform a very complex surgery.  The first ear ablation surgery prior to coming into rescue may not have completely removed all of the infected tissue and some of it was left behind.  There was an abscess that was lanced and drained at the animal hospital the first day that Dolly arrived into rescue.  We have been monitoring her abscess, but it was becoming larger and refilled with a large infection.  Even if the abscess was drained again, the abscess would likely return and ultimately end her life. Dolly had surgery on October 9th to dissect the infected fistula tract (where the large abscess was located) and 72 pellets of time released antibiotic were placed in the cleaned out area before it was closed up. The surgery took over an hour.  A long time for any dog, especially for a very sick little French Bulldog.

Dolly is at home with her Foster Mom who reports “it has been a very rough couple days for Dolly.  She never complains so it was especially difficult for me to see her shudder and hear her whimper in pain. My heart breaks for her and what she has had endure.  She still has such a long road ahead of her.  I just wish I had a magic wand to make her all better”.

Dolly has made so much progress in other areas the last couple weeks.  Many of the polyps in her left ear have been successfully removed with the laser therapy.  The recent results of her culture enabled her primary treating Doctor to give her the correct antibiotic and we hope that ear will completely recover.  Unfortunately for Dolly, the bacteria they identified is a very resistant bacteria to most antibiotics, a super bug that is difficult to treat because only a few select types of antibiotics will be effective. Our sweet little cupcake is still very sick.  If there is any shining light at all, it is that Dolly had a few weeks to build her immune system, gain weight, and built up muscle mass.  She simply would have not survived the surgery nor would the vet’s treating her would have attempted this procedure a few weeks ago.

The FBV made a commitment to Dolly the day she came into the village and we will see that commitment through.  She will receive the best medical care we can provide to get her well.  That commitment is not going to be easy, it is not going to be cheap and it is going to take at least 3  to 4 months to restore her body, mind and spirit to a healthy state.  Dolly will require 24/7 daily care by our volunteers, daily medications every 6 hours, 12 hours and 24 hours.  Herbedding will need to be washed every other day and she will need to be bathed every few days to get this infection eradicated. After she recovers from her ear surgery, she will continue her laser treatments. And when she is well enough she will have to undergo one more surgery to be spayed, and have a couple abscessed teeth removed.

We are fortunate to have two very experienced volunteers that will co-foster Dolly, and provide all of the care she needs.  She will have a Foster Mom and a Foster Dad that are less than 10 miles apart and that will help with transporting Dolly to her doctor visits, we estimate at least 10-12 more doctor visits!  Right now, we are expecting Dolly’s medical bills to be in excess of $4,000.00.  And that is with the generous discounts we have received from the team of veterinarians treating her. It is a great deal of money for a small little village to bear and we hope the French Bulldog community will join the FBV and come forward on Dolly’s behalf.  It will certainly take an entire Village to help Dolly get better.

We thank you, but more importantly, if this sweet little Doll could speak, she would thank you for helping to give her a second chance at a whole new life, one she has never had before now.  Your name will be added to our list of Dolly’s supporters listed below.  Licks & Hugs from Dolly and all of us at the French Bulldog Village.

We will update Dolly’s progress regularly, so please stop by to see how she is coming along.  You can also read how Dolly came into the French Bulldog Village rescue below.


UPDATE 9/29/2012:

Dolly came into French Bulldog Village just 9 days ago and has made A—MAZING progress.  With the amount of infection in her ear and body, she was lucky to have survived.  Her foster Mom is keeping her busy taking her to the vet twice a week for laser therapy at Alicia Pet Care Center, and giving her medications as prescribed.  Her ear canal still has blockage and infection but her vet started her on liquid wash and medication for her ears a few days ago. Lots of goo still coming out everyday.  A cytology report revealed a resistant strain of bacteria.  Which will take a longer to treat and to get her ear infection under control. Keeping our fingers crossed the laser will reduce the inflammation to completely unblock that ear.

Dolly keeps busy bathing with antifungal/antibacterial shampoo, eating a high protein no grain diet and liver snacks for training.  She is learning the 101 basic puppy training and all of the things she never had the chance to learn before now. Crate training, learning to sit, walk on a leash and house training (including what you can and can not chew on).  Learning how to play with toys.  She doesn’t know how to play, she just stares at toys cautious and slightly afraid of them.  She would prefer a plastic light socket cord to nibble on, oh the joys of puppyhood!  She is not your typical wiggly happy Frenchie girl.  She often stares out and looks sad, she is still sick little girl, so everything in time. She is making good progress learning to walk on a leash and can now step up and down a few steps without being carried. And her foster Mom is proud to report “I see improvements everyday and only one potty mistake in the house so far”.  Way to go Dolly!

Dolly is a darling, sweet, funny little dog who endears everyone she meets. She just loves hugs and body massages.  Nail grooming, bathing, teeth cleaning, it doesn’t matter, she doesn’t make a fuss over anything at all. In the last few days when she sees her foster Mom first thing in the morning, she does little Frenchie kicks happy to see Mom, so we know a Frenchie personality is starting to emerge.

Dolly has a good mentor to learn the household rules, Bebe her foster Sister, a 6 year old Frenchie that was a rescue herself.  Prior to her adoption in October 2011, Bebe got the boot from two different homes for aggression to other animals and some people too. With her new Mom’s training program from the day she entered her new house, Bebe has bloomed into a sweetheart who loves dogs, cats, all people, especially kids.  She has accepted her new little temporary housemate as long as she doesn’t get near her nyla bone, everything is cool.

Check back often to read and see more pictures of Dolly’s progress.  And PLEASE show your support for Dolly by clicking the donate button below, and give a little something for little sweetheart, Dolly.

UPDATE 9/20/2012

What do you call a little Frenchie doll that wants to be held and loved.  Collapses in your arms, as quiet as a mouse, big dark eyes looking up at you as if to say, thank you and as sweet as sugar can be?  We call her Dolly Madison.

As sweet as she is, 5 year old Dolly is one sick cupcake.  She was surrendered to a southern California FBV volunteer last week barely able to walk 10 feet without having to sit down so sick from the infection that was ravaging her body.  Completely listless, she didn’t even have the energy to hold herself up.  Our volunteer feared she may not make it through the night and admitted her to nearby a veterinary hospital where she was immediately put on an I.V. fluids, given injections of antibiotics and pain medication. Dolly is suffering from a severe left ear infection that was left untreated for months.  Her ear canal was full of goopy pus and blood pouring out on the side of her face and her ear canal was completely blocked.  She has a large cyst under her right ear which had to be lanced and drained.

Dolly is not new to ear infections, she has an ear ablation on her right ear and has almost lost of all her hearing on the right side.  She has a secondary staph infection on her skin and her belly and underside is bright red and inflamed.  Her white cell count is high, red count low and she is anemic. Dolly has to be carried, she can’t even make it up the curb of a sidewalk right now.

The doctors caring for Dolly believed she needed another ear ablation or possible a drain tube which would entail drilling a hole in the side of her head and inserting a tube to let the infection drain.  Either way, it was not the type of procedure they could perform at their clinic, so we started our search for an ear specialist that could help Dolly.  Another FBV volunteer contacted her own personal Veterinarian for a referral and he recommended Laser treatment and said that they been successfully using laser to treat inflammation.  Dolly was transferred to another foster home where she has started her laser therapy treatment. After only two treatments, there is improvement.  We would also like to mention and thank the tremendous generosity of the Vets who treated or our currently treating Dolly.  They have given incredible discounts on Dolly’s behalf and the FBV is very grateful!

Besides all of Dolly’s medical troubles, she is not your ordinary French Bulldog surrender.  Dolly was surrendered to the FBV by a young breeder.  He tried to give her away to anyone who would take her, including his own Vet before finally contacting the French Bulldog Village.  For Dolly’s sake, we’re glad he did.

Dolly has spent most of her life in a garage and most likely in a wire cage.  Her feet are badly splayed which is generally caused by standing on a wire bottom cage.  She shared her living quarters with a herd of other French Bulldogs that are also used for breeding.  She has never lived in a house.  She is not house trained, does not know how to walk on a leash, or what a dog toy is.  She is much like training a young puppy.  She is enjoying the comforts for the first time in her life of being clean, fed a good diet, sleeping in a comfortable bed.  This sweet little angel is what rescue is all about and she deserves all of the best we can provide her and yes we will.

There is so much to say about Dolly, so her foster Mom has promised to send weekly updates and photos, so please come back often and read about her progress.  To read more about canine ear infections and ear ablation surgery, click HERE or HERE  If you suspect your dog has an ear infection, take it to your vet.  At an early stage, it can be easily treatable!

So far, we have spent over $1,000.00 for Dolly’s care.  She will have additional medical expenses and when she is fully recovered from her infection, she will be micro-chipped, brought up to date on vaccinations and spayed.  Our supporters have been so generous, and we just can’t do it without you, so please make a donation in any amount to help Dolly.  Every dollar truly helps!

With your support, Dolly will get the care she needs to bounce back to a happy, healthy Frenchie.  She will never have to worry about more c-sections, taking care of litters of puppies in the back of a garage or trying to lick her infections clean from her body.  She will know the true love and joy of a good home and the care of human companionship for the rest of her life.


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Dolly’s Sponsors


  • Debbie Capps: I got beat out at the wonderful auction held by the B4 gang (The Barktastic Four) but I wanted to contribute to sweet Dolly Madison and her medical care. Dolly, me and my five doggie kids are pulling for you, and we send our best wishes 🙂
  • Connie Haas
  • Hi Dolly, this is Churchill the French Bulldog hope you get soon better sweetie 🙂
  • Karen Melissa Hogan
  • Dolly: hugs and kisses and speedy recovery! Donation on behalf of Glenda of Fabelhaft French Bulldogs.
  • Cynthia Vreeland
  • Melissa Sansone
  • For Dolly Madison, God Bless, hugs and puppy kisses from Oliver and his Mom
  • Andrea MacCallum
  • Lisa Metzger
  • William Anzenberger
  • Jennifer Razo
  • For Dolly Madison’s veterinary bills. Wishing her the best, Susan Marchini
  • A little something to help Little Ms. Dolly feel better. Hugs and Kisses, Joanna Emmett
  • Wish it was more than it is, fixed incomes suck lol. God Bless to all who can be saved and
  • given their 2nd chance- everyone deserves that much in life… hugs & puppy kisses, Oliver & his mom.
  • Sending lots of love from Aurora, Dori, Sofie and Lola.
  • Dhanaree Anujorbhand
  • A little chicken soup to help you feel better, from Bugsy & Spanky
  • Karen Baber