On the heels of an auction held by The Barktastic 4 in her honor, Dolly is headed back to her surgeon’s office tomorrow morning.  Yesterday, her surgical site began to swell and today it is nearly the size of a golf ball.  Dolly’s surgeon said there was a chance it could get infected again and that’s exactly what has happened.  Most likely, her surgeon will have to make an incision and repack the site with antibiotic.  You might be asking yourself why? Why would it get infected again?  Dolly has a rare bacteria.  It is so rare that treating with a single antibiotic will only treat one or two of the four bacteria’s in her system.  She had such a bad infection in her body at the time she was surrendered to the French Bulldog Village, she almost died.  Dolly has made much progress, but fighting this bacteria in her system is not an easy case. She has several vets working together and we are going to fight to get Dolly back on her feet and wipe that bacteria out of her body!

Poor Dolly just can’t seem to get a break.  Her foster Mom has been giving Dolly the highest level of care, prays for her every night and has even brought out her crystal and copper Chakra for a metaphysical healing.  You might not believe in that but it won’t hurt Dolly even if you don’t!  Many people have come forward to help Dolly and I know if she could talk, she would thank each and every person that has shared their love, prayers, donations and well wishes on her behalf.  Dolly’s foster Mom says; “I am so worried about Dolly, I will be sleeping on the couch monitoring her all night.  Why do these things always happen on a weekend?  Dolly is eating well, drinking and is not lethargic at all or she would be in the hospital right now.  I would rather have her here with me so I can keep a good eye on her. If she gets worse, she will be off to the hospital but hopefully not until the sun rises tomorrow morning and her doctor is there.  Please pray for little Dolly.”

The auction for Dolly starts tomorrow and couldn’t have come at a better time!  The Barktastic 4 has brought together incredible art, crafts and other goodies.  You can see the items available for bid at The Barktastic 4.  You can also send a donation for Dolly by clicking on the donate button.  A donation in any amount is needed and deeply appreciated.  Thank you!