We have all seen them, gruesome photos of rescued dogs that have found their way into rescue organizations across the country.  Dogs through no fault of their own who have been mistreated, abused and neglected.  After nearly 5 weeks in French Bulldog Village foster care, Dolly Madison is looking incredibly well today.  But it has been a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. She is healing well after her surgery a couple weeks ago and the infection has been cleared and numerous polyps have been removed from her left ear through laser therapy.  In fact, if you see Dolly walking down the street you might think she looks great and is perfectly well.  Unfortunately, not so.  Although this little sweetheart has made incredible improvements, she still has a bad infection underneath her body.  Her belly, feet, chin and neck are red from allergies or the bacterial infection and the superbug we have been fighting to snuff out is still in and on her body.  The redness changes from almost looking normal to red flare ups that come and go throughout the day. Dolly is still on an antibiotic, but that medication will only fight 2 of the 4 bacteria’s they found.  We are hoping through a strict elimination diet, baths every 3 to 4 days, and supplements, Dolly’s own immune system will continue to get stronger and she will beat that rare bug or the allergy will clear that has been causing her so much trouble.

Dolly’s foster Mom reports “Dolly continues to amaze me.  When I think of all of the months and months she suffered in pain and the terrible state she was in before coming into rescue but she is just the sweetest French Bulldog I have ever met.  She is an inspiration to me and one of the reasons I love dogs so much, they are so forgiving.  Dolly attended a fund raiser for the local no-kill animal shelter yesterday and she dressed as a butterfly.  I am confident with the extensive care she is receiving, she will bloom into a new, healthy happy Frenchie”.

Dolly has been to the vet or a animal hospital 15 times since she arrived into FBV foster care!  12 of those visits were for laser therapy. Her next scheduled laser treatment is in 2 weeks.  Her medical expenses have exceeded $4,300.00 so far.  We have received approximately $1,600.00 in donations and are asking the French Bulldog community and friends of French Bulldog Village to come forward on Dolly’s behalf and make a donation in any amount to help defray the cost of caring for Dolly and so we can continue to help her and other needy Frenchies that come into our care.

Dolly has her very own fund raising event coming up!  It is an online Face Book auction sponsored by a wonderful group called The Barktastic 4. B4 are Pugzlii Ann Myrtle-Grace, Kiko’s Place (Pug Tails), Timmy The Pampered Pug and Churchill The French Bulldog. They organize charity auctions for the benefit of helping rescues and pets in need.   The auction opens November 5th and closes on November 13th, please go to TheBarktasticFour  for more details and photos of some of the merchandise that will be available.  In addition, if you have an item you would like to donate, please contact The Barktastic Four at barktastic4@gmail.com Thank you Barktastic Four!

Dolly thanks everyone for their love and support!