Well, after a short break, the FRENCH BULLDOG VILLAGE Alumni are back.
Our Palin was adopted way back in 2013.  Recently, our alumni coordinator contacted her loving family.  This is what Cindy had to say:
“Palin, who was renamed Duchess, is doing extremely well.  She has completely dominated the house, convincing us to break our rule of no dogs sleeping with us in the bed and becoming extremely playful at meal times to gently encourage us to feed her.  This begins between 3 and 4 AM and resumes between 4 and 5 PM.  Even though she wakes up very early, it is hard to be mad at her when one wakes to that fluffy face and big ears.  Too darn cute!
In early 2016, she accidentally tore her ACL and the doctor informed us, of the obvious, she really loves those opiates.  Everyone wanted to take pictures of the extremely chill Frenchy.  She had surgery and has fully recovered.  As when we adopted her,  Duchess’  favorite activity is to take a ride in the car.  She becomes so excited that she runs up and down the house and does barrel rolls into the furniture and her playmate Dickens.

In May 2016, we took our first trip with the dogs to the Outer Banks. Duchess loved basking in the sunrise on the deck, listening to the sea.”

The picture above shows one of her irresistibly adorable looks and the picture below shows Duchess basking in the sun.

So this is another happy ending for one of our girls from the FRENCH BULLDOG VILLAGE RESCUE.