Duke in Virginia

Please help us give a warm welcome to Duke. We are so happy that he has joined the Village. Duke is 3-years-old, brindle, and has quite a big head. He also is having major breathing issues as you can see from the video below. He will be going for surgery on Thursday for his breathing but before proceeding with surgery, the vet will first see if he has a collapsed trachea. If he does, surgery will not be pursued. If he doesn't have a collapsed trachea, the vet will proceed with surgery for his nares and palate. He will likely be neutered on Thursday regardless if nare and palate surgery is performed. Duke is a sweet boy and needs all the support he can get from the Villagers. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help with his care...any little bit helps!

**Please Note: When a dog comes into the Village, it is a new experience and a stressful experience. We have taken all the steps to keep Duke comfortable and safe until the surgeon felt his surgery can take place. The surgeon is not 100% sure Duke's trachea is collapsed but would like to check before proceeding with any type of major surgery. He will be intubated for this procedure and only if he is okay, will the surgeon proceed with the next steps which could include his nares, repairing his palate and neuter.**