Ellie, previously known as Fiona, is continuing to do well. As you remember, Ellie underwent a tough time while in foster care. Multiple attempts to correct her breathing failed and her last hope was a permanent tracheostomy. Ellie is a trooper and recovered from this hard surgery and went on to find a wonderful home in the Pacific Northwest. As time passed, her adopters were concerned about the size of her stoma (tracheostomy opening). After much discussion and consult with the specialty hospital, it was decided to have her trach revised to make the opening more stable. The surgeon also gave her a face lift and removed some of the excess skin on each side of the stoma so it would no longer constantly encroach on the opening. Her surgery was back in late January and she is doing well. Her foster Mom says she is really enjoying the ability to lie on her back for tummy rubs. Her family is continuing to research the option of a stent placement to help keep Ellie’s trachea open. No decision has been made yet. We know, if or when the time comes, her family has her best interest at heart and we have no doubt that they will do only the very best by Ellie. We are so lucky to have such wonderful adopters.