We received the below update from Ellie’s family:


“FBV Alum, Ellie (formerly Pammy), has been with us for just over a year now. She is currently being a wild and sassy girl on her second beach vacation. She is inseparable from her Boston brother, Watson. And loves (naughty girl) to eat her human brother’s toys. She is affectionately known as the “goat” in our house. She prefers wood, plastic and paper toys mostly, also one particular squeaky toy (of which I’m sure we own no less than twenty and can only find two or so at any given moment). She has a love for soccer balls and stuffed sloths. She cannot stand when we make the bed in the morning. And sits outside the bedroom in a huff when she is banished because of her sass. In short, we adore her. Our little sass monster with the ridiculously cute face.♥


Thank you so much for the update! We truly love seeing the updates and photos of Ellie! This makes us so happy to see how happy and loved she is in her forever home. Thank you for taking such amazing care of her!