While in the final stages of his adoption process Ollie suffered a major injury. As is all too common and all too easy with French Bulldogs, Ollie ruptured a cervical disc. He needs immediate emergency surgery to prevent permanent paralysis.

As he ruptured the disk between C4/5 it has caused deep pain in all of his limbs. He is unable to lift his head and he is currently experiencing paralysis of his front right leg.

Based on initial x-rays and surgical evaluation, with immediate surgery he has a good prognosis of a strong recovery and a reversal of the paralysis. Without the surgery, the vet believes, the paralysis will most likely be permanent, the nerve damage, and the associated neuropathy pain maybe as well.

His surgery including the necessary hospitalization, anesthesia and radiography is estimated to cost upwards of $3,700. In these difficult times, the Village needs your help to provide Ollie with this quality of life saving surgery.

*All costs are estimates, if the total cost of the procedures or medical treatment is more than the estimate, the balance will be paid from the French Bulldog Village (FBV) general fund. Conversely, if money is collected above the actual cost of the procedures or medical treatment the overage will be deposited into the FBV general fund, which is used to cover future medical costs, or for other FBV foster dogs.

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