Petite Fanny the Frenchie is ready to find her new home! Miss Fanny is an 8  year old, brindle beauty of only 20 pounds! That’s what we like to call a “pocket Frenchie.” She will fit right in your purse! When we told her that, she just snorted at us and gave us a look that said, “I think not.”  While Fanny may be small, she is not docile and does not want to be an accessory.  She prefers to be part of the action.  She likes to be close to people and belly rubs. She also likes to chase birds in the yard.  Fanny was placed with FBV due to aggression with a female boxer.  Fanny will herd or place herself in front of other dominant dogs.  There has been tension between her and her foster English bulldog sister, but no fights.  She is fine around the other frenchies, the female pug, and male dachshund.  While walking on a leash, she sometimes pulls or lunges when she nears a large dog. Fanny can also get excited jump up and nip at fingertips. We feel that kids under 10-12 years old might not work with her. The perfect home for Fanny is one where there are no other dogs or small children. Does Fanny sound like the type of Frenchie that you fancy? If so, send us an application.


Requested Adoption Fee: $400

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