Location: Central Florida

Age: 4

Sex: Female, spayed

Weight: 23

Kids: Yes, dog savvy

Cats: No

Dogs: Yes

Adoption fee: $600

“The day you’ve been waiting for is here, Miss Fergie is now available for adoption! After months of dedicated TLC from her dear foster Mom, Fergie is as healthy as a horse and ready to find her forever family. Could that be you? Read on to see if you might be a match!

Fergie is a 4 year old, spayed female with the most beautiful reverse brindle coloring. While we think that she looks somewhat like a tiger her heart is that of a lion’s. Fergie came into rescue heart worm positive and in a state of neglect. All of her ribs and spine were visible, it was clear that her previous family, a term we use very loosely, only valued her for the puppies she could bring them. But Fergie is a fighter and she knew that if she could get better that there were good things ahead for her. She toughed out the slow kill heartworm treatment like a champ! She endured a very difficult spay and has put her best paw forwards to gaining those desperately needed pounds.

Even with the added weight, Fergie still retains her slender shape. We attribute this ability to keep her girlish figure to the dedication to her favorite exercise activity…..staring and chasing Florida’s little green lizards! We’ve been told that even frogs aren’t safe from Fergie! Because of Fergie’s very high prey drive, she will not be placed in a house with birds, small critters like hamsters or gerbils unless the owner has demonstrated a clear ability to keep these animals safe and out of Fergie’s reach. Fergie has not been cat tested, though she’s been around cats at her vet’s office. She was curious and watched the cats and did pretty good but when they ran, it was clear she wanted to chase them. Priority will be given to homes without cats or animals that could be considered prey.

Because of her love of outdoor frog staring, we want Fergie’s new owner to have a fenced in yard. Even with a fenced yard, it must be understood that Fergie (or any Frenchie) should never be left outside unattended. Fergie is crate trained as well as house trained, however like any dog, if she’s left too long, she could have an accident. Because Fergie has experienced what it’s like to be left alone for too much of her life, we don’t want to see this happen again. Her new owner, must be available to let Fergie out on a frequent basis. Crating her all day while you are at work, is just not acceptable for this lady. We know people must work to make the money to support their pups, so it’s not reasonable to expect that Fergie’s new owner be retired or work from home (this would be a bonus though!). Being a full time worker does not exclude you from the ability to have a fab Fergie. Just be prepared to let us know how you will handle midday potty breaks and how you will make sure Fergie gets time outside of the crate and or house.

Fergie loves the company of other dogs and enjoys snuggling with them. We’d like to see her in a home with another dog, but it’s not a requirement as long as you give her your undivided attention. She gets along fabulous with the dogs in her foster home. Fergie has also shown to be good around children though with any placement with a Frenchie around kids, we must be careful. Small children who run, scream, jump and might try to pick Fergie up won’t be a good match. Dog saavy, calm and respectful children are a better fit.

Fergie is currently a healthy gal, she’s on a high quality grain free salmon based food and is doing well on it. We like her new owner to keep her a grain free salmon based diet. Fergie takes heartguard on a monthly basis and it’s a requirement that heartworm preventative is continued in this manner. We do not want to see Fergie ever wind up anywhere near another heartworm again!. Fergie will need a heartworm recheck in 6 monthsand she has a small mammary tumor that was biopsied and determined to be benign. It’s a good idea though for her new owner to be diligent and monitor this growth for any changes.

If Fergie sounds like a fit for your home, feel free to fill out an application. Keep in mind that we allow a minimum of two weeks for applications to be received and that phone interviews, references checks (including a vet reference) and a home visit are all a REQUIREMENT to be considered as an adopter. Our process is stringent to make sure our dogs are going to only the best homes.


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