What you ask?  After that introduction, what else is there to know about our newest foster girl, Fergie?  Well, she is tiny, 23 lbs, and fairly young, 4 years old.  She has a most lovely reverse brindle coat that she always wears, as she considers it one of her best features.

Fergie does have a couple health problems as she’s Heartworm positive, but is currently on the slow-kill protocol to treat Heartworm and she appears to be beating it.  She has a mammary tumor which will be removed as soon as she gains some weight; most likely at the same time she’s spayed.

Alright, alright, we’ll get to the lizards.  Fergie gets along with her humans and her foster fur siblings really, really well.  However, she lives in Florida, and if you’ve ever been in Florida you’ve probably seen the abundance of both little and big lizards (aka alligators).  Well, Fergie, thank goodness, has decided she likes little lizards, yes, and she chases them shamelessly.  She’s been know to catch them too, poor lizards.   We’re just grateful she’s only taken with the small ones.

We hope to have this sweet thing healthy and ready for the available page very soon.  Please keep checking back here and on our Facebook page.