This is the story of Fergie.  Her mom says “She is a very sweet dog and great with the kids. She is definitely a work in progress.”
Her mom also has this to say about Fergie: “My biggest concern is her ability to jump the small portion of the chain-link fence. We’ve had two issues with Fergie running down a busy 4 lane road just last week. She is starting to scare me. I feel like we’ve tried everything and that my next step is to try to correct with a shock collar or maybe to charge our fence. I’m going to be calling an electrician to see if there is something he can do that won’t hurt her, but will protect her from getting out. She is just sometimes too quick for me and gets out without me knowing. I have two small kids and Fergie is so smart; she knows just when to jump.  She knows when she’s not being watched.”
After discussion, some of us within the French Bulldog Village Rescue have come to the conclusion that there should be no shock collars and no charged fences.  The best thing for Fergie would be to have a good trainer that could work with her and teach her.  Obviously, Fergie is a very smart girl and would benefit from such training.
So Fergie, be a good girl and start listening to your forever Mom.  Do not jump the fence and run out in traffic.