Please welcome our newest village member Fiona. This sweet as she can be six month old fawn pied girl comes with multiple health challenges. Because we suspect she has a liver shunt, she will be at the vets office first thing Monday morning for a series of tests, including an ultrasound and blood work to confirm this diagnosis. Fiona will likely need surgery to correct this condition. She will then need a second surgery to repair luxating patellas in each knee. Last, but not least, Fiona will have to be spayed. These are the medical issues we are aware of, but it is possible we could discover other health problems when she is examined on Monday. Fiona is being transported to her loving foster home in Ohio this weekend. We are eager to raise funds quickly to help offset the cost of her immediate treatment and surgery. Once we have a complete diagnosis and an estimate of the total costs, we will set up a special donation fundraising page on this website for Fiona. For now, no donation is too small. We believe we will need $500.00 to $1000,00 to meet the cost of getting Fiona’s medical treatment started! Please click on the “donate” button to make a donation. Be sure to tell us in Pay Pal’s comment section that your donation is for little Fiona. Fiona is sure to thank you with a slurpy and sweet Frenchie cyber kiss!