FBV is happy to report that Fiona has had her first round of surgery and is recovering and doing very well.  She had soft palate surgery, which those of you with Frenchies know, has helped her breath with ease!  She was also spayed, and a biopsy was done to rule out a liver shunt. The fundraising auction over at “Saving French Bulldogs One Auction At A Time” raised over $10,000 and covered expenses for Fiona, as well as Emma, another rescue frenchie.  We appreciate all your donations. As soon as Fiona is fully recovered,  she will need to have surgery to repair her luxating patellas. We will keep you updated on FIONA’S PROGRESS.

After having a test to find out why Fiona was still having so much trouble breathing, Fiona experienced breathing failure when taking out the breathing tubes.  Surgeons were forced to give her a temporary tracheotomy to allow her to breathe while her tissues continued to heal.  After several days, and several tries, unfortunately, Fiona was forced to have a permanent tracheostomy.  Happily, after this surgery, Fiona stabilized and continues to thrive.  In the additional pictures shown, you can see she’s missed her fur siblings, and most obviously, her toys!


Now that she’s home, Fiona must have nebulizer treatments.  But, not to worry, she LOVES them.  Her foster mom was able to takes some “SELFIES” of Fiona enjoying her treatments.  She is sitting pretty with her little white paws primly together having a nice time, when soon, she starts to get sleepy and even begins to rest her head on the tubes.  Her foster mom says these relax her so much that she will even go to sleep during the treatments.  


Fiona’s been out chasing the little helicopter seeds that come from Maple Trees.  Her foster mom says, and you can see it in the picture, she gets them in her mouth and just dares her mom to tell her to drop them – at times even starting a chase for possession of said seed.  She’s also enjoying harassing Henry, her furbrother.  On the health front, she is still needing to have her mucus suctioned with the baby bulb frequently, even through the night.  We hope this will ease up when her stitches come out soon.   Nebulizer treatments continue, they relax her so that she turns to rubber when she hears the nebulizer turning on!