The forever parents of Ozzi Mack (aka Panda) sent us an update to let us know just how well their handsome boy has been doing:


“He is doing...wonderful! His ears are much better. After procedures, meds & daily ear maintenance, he was still having some issues in January. He had one final procedure completed with the specialist at the end of January - fingers were crossed that this did the trick. Well - it did! He was cleared at the end of February and only has to return for check-ups with the specialist every 6 months (as long as all continues to go well). What a relief!

Since then Ozzi has been his little clown self - making us laugh every day. He and his brother Oliver continue to cuddle and play on the daily. Ozzi shows more and more interest in his kitty brother, Baxter! When Oliver doesn't feel like playing, Ozzi turns to Baxter. He jumps around and runs capers around him - it is SO funny!

With Easter and other family gatherings, Ozzi has been able to go for many car rides recently (he gets so excited!) He has been at my parents the last few weekends and has them laughing all afternoon. He brings joy to anyone in his presence:) He is such a blessing!”

Mealtime continues to be his very favorite time of the day; however, cuddling with us comes in as a close second. Once he is tired, he is ready to cuddle and get to bed!

We just wanted to share how much joy he brings to our lives - thanks again (as always) for everything you all do!”


What a terrific update on Ozzi Mack!!! We are so excited all is going well and are thrilled to see the love he and his family have for each other!