Gem (unofficial nickname of “Naughty Pants”) is another boy from the Georgia gang. This boy might be 9 but has a lot of life to him! He is a little wonky on his back feet but that does not stop him from chewing anything and everything! He has destroyed toys, chews bones, benches, tables, rugs, cardboard, beds, leashes and a harness, pretty much anything he can put into his mouth!

Potty training is going well; he still has an occasional poop in the house but is learning quickly that this is not where he should be using the restroom. When he goes outside to potty, his first instinct is to pick up a stick. He even pees and poops with a stick in his mouth!

If you give Naughty Pants an inch, he will take a mile! His foster mom has learned very quickly that he cannot be left alone for a minute. This is kind of a good thing because he is finally feeling confident enough to leave his foster mom’s side. He is still her shadow most of the time, but in the instance when he isn’t, she knows that he is into something with his sidekick Lincoln (his foster sibling)!

Gem has a bump on his belly that the vet has determined is a hernia. He also has difficulty breathing and blows bubbles as he breathes. He will be having surgery performed on his nares and at the same time will have his hernia repaired.

Gem is a picky eater! He will eat plain dog food but only if he is put in his crate and the crate is covered with a blanket. If he is fed like this, he will eat all of his food at once! Gem also likes chicken, ground turkey, green beans and yogurt.

Naughty Pant’s foster mom is working on his chewing but thinks that there is a long road ahead to curbing this behavior. However, even with his love for chewing whatever he can get his mouth on, this boy is touching hearts (particularly his foster mom’s) wherever he goes!