Location: Pennsylvania

Age: 3

Sex: Female/Spayed

Weight: 25lbs

Kids: Good w/kids 10yr+

Cats: Yes

Dogs: No

Available As Of: 8/1/14

Adoption fee: $600

Georgette is an adorable sassy Frenchie with lots of energy to run around and take long walks. Did we mention she has lots of energy!

She is great on the leash and loves to run around the yard. Her ideal home would have a fenced in yard and some room for her to run and chase her new family. It’s her favorite game to play.
When she isn’t outside, Georgette is a couch potato who loves to take a nap with her family, lay on her dog bed and relax. Georgette does not worry about people at the door and is very good at greeting and meeting new people.

Georgette would be best suited in a home without other dogs as she seems to be better on her own. She is a dominant female and has shown herself to be reactive when introduced to new dogs. Although she has not shown overt aggression, she does exhibit a high level of agitation. A household with young children or an unsteady adult would not be a good fit for this little whirlwind. She is still learning her manners and can be pushy. She would easily knock them over or scratch them. Georgette and her new adoptive family would benefit from taking obedience classes together. This would help her with manners, increase her socialization and help to build a bond of trust between her and her new family. Furthermore, Georgette would benefit from a strong leader, who is willing to consistently, positively reinforce good behavior.

While in foster care Georgette was treated for a urinary tract infection. It was cleared with antibiotics and she is doing very well. Her adoptive family will want to make sure she always has plenty of fresh, clean water at all times. Miss Georgette will also need lots of wishbone Nyla-bones, her cheetah stuffed toys and of course, peanut butter – as these are her go-to favorites.

If it sounds like you are the perfect fit for Georgette, please visit our adoption process page for additional information. Then select the Apply link below to submit your application for Georgette.

If you are interested in this little darling, please be prepared to travel to the land of the Poconos, as Georgette is located in Pennsylvania and will not be shipped.

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