On August 6, 2017, Gimli was given a new shot at life.  He was being adopted by Douglas and Jamel.  His previous owner surrendered him because he had some issues and they didn’t have time for him.
Douglas had a slight problem as to where to begin telling us about Gimli.
Gimli has been given a nickname, “Big Gims.”  He has been such a pleasure.  He has adapted very well to his new family and new home.  “The transition has been quite easy actually.”  He has that French Bulldog trait, being very stubborn at times.  Big Gims loves to cuddle and sleep!  He can often be found snoring on the couch or laid out on his favorite bed.  He’s laid back and very cool.  Like all Frenchies, he sometimes demands all of their attention.  He possesses everything he needs to be qualified as a Frenchie!
Healthwise, Big Gims is doing very well.  Recently he did very well on his annual visit to the veterinarian for his shots.  Big Gims weighs in at 37 pounds.  Doesn’t that allow him to still be a lap dog?
When Douglas and Jamel adopted him, he did have some minor behavioral issues.  He just liked to chew pillows.  They have worked on this with him, corrected him immediately, and now it is no longer an issue.
Big Gims has a new toy that he loves.  Balls!  They can keep him busy for hours.  He plays on end until he passes out.
Jamel, who is home with him during the day, spoils him.  He gives him anything and everything he wants.  And, just like a Frenchie, Big Gims takes full advantage.  Lol!
“He has been the best addition to our household!”  And, the VILLAGE says, “Thank you for loving him so much and giving him the home he deserves!”