We are happy to report that Hamlet is in a forever home that can care for his health and special needs!   They are a very special family who will love and take care of this special boy.

Hamlet is a 5 year old, gorgeous boy that is learning the meaning of the phrase, “slow and steady wins the race.” Hamlet is currently in rehabilitation so that he can regain the use of his back legs.  Hamlet’s treatments include water therapy and electro-acupuncture.  Hamlet’s foster family is seeing good results from these treatments with Hammie; after a recent day of treatments, he was able to walk 3 steps unassisted! If Hammie would accept assistance from others, there might have been a few more steps, but he insists on doing everything himself and will not let the other dogs help him or prop him up.  What a little tough guy!  In order to develop his muscles and get his brain and nervous system connections re-firing, he is only allowed to use his cart/wheel chair when he plays outside.  When he is inside, he has to use his own strength to get around.  We are hoping that with continued treatments and therapy, Hamlet will be taking many more steps in the future. Hamlet’s treatments are costing a pretty penny.  If you would like to sponsor Hamlet and contribute to his care he would just love it.  He sends you kisses and we hope you send him positive thoughts and prayers for his full recovery.


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