Hank is not yet ready for adoption. We are still evaluating his behavior and addressing his medical needs. An email notification will be sent when he becomes ready for adoption. If you wish to receive the notification, please sign up for our mailing list at the top of the front page of our website. Adoption fees are set at the time a dog goes available and applications can only be submitted at that time. Please follow our website and social media pages for updates on Hank!

Join us on giving a huge warm welcome to our newest foster, Hank!! Hank has had a checkered past, but we aren’t holding that against him. He has a very strong predatory instinct...he broke out of his confinement at his last home and took on the neighbor’s ducks and chickens....and sadly the feathers did not prevail. Because of his crimes, Hank was confined to a garage for the rest of his time at his previous home.


The Village has granted Hank a pardon and we are now getting to know him. He will be 2 years old in November and it turns out he is great with kids of all ages and gets along well with his foster fur siblings. He loves being with his people and has attached to his foster dad quickly. He is a big Frenchie weighing in at 28.5 lbs but was told he needs to gain a few by his vet!


Hank has lived in 4 different homes, and the Village is intent on making sure his next is his last. He will be vetted and treated for some minor medical issues (ears and allergies) and will have some time to settle into his foster home.


Welcome Hank to FBV!

We greatly appreciate any and all donations! $250 will help us provide Hank with some basic essentials, such as food, bowls, a leash, and a harness.

You can also Venmo us @FrenchBulldogVillage!