Rufus has stolen the heart of everyone that meets him – and we think he’ll steal yours too!   We asked his foster mom to tell us what she loves about Rufus.  Here is what she had to say:

Rufus has some sweet, goofy quirks. He is a talker.  If I am sitting in the living room, watching TV-  he sits in front of me and “talks” to me.  The sound he makes when he “talks” is “Ru Ru”.  He will continue to make this funny “ru ru” sound, until I let him hop up and get to his favorite spot –  which is snuggled up behind me on the couch.  Once he’s there – he lays down and naps in cozy, content, peacefulness.  He does the same thing to get under the covers at night in our bed.  “Ru Ru Ru Ru”   

He is a happy funny boy and loves to follow me everywhere . At 4:00, which is supper time for the dogs, he comes and sits in front of me and lets me know its time to fill his bowl!   He loves to eat and will run in circles when I say,  “Ok, lets go eat RuRu!”  He races to his food bowl.

I know most people don’t want to adopt older dogs, but I love the seniors. Rufus was so sad and pitiful when he came to us.  Now he is spoiled, fat and happy like the rest of my bunch.

Rufus deserves to be loved like this for the rest of his life – and when we find the perfect home for him, they will be very lucky indeed, to have this wonderful guy in their lives.   If you’d like to find out more about Rufus – you can read his full profile here: Rufus

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