YAY!!!….Herbie has found his forever home! We are so happy for him and his new family. We wish them all the best!!

Hurray….FBV’s handsome Prince Charming brindle, Herbie, is ready for adoption!!!

Herbie’s previous owner got him from Craigslist 10 months ago. The owner took really good care of him and made sure he had his monthly update at the vet. The family needed to give him up due to his owner suffering from serious health problems.

Herbie is a 22 lb brindle Frenchie. His birthday is coming up soon on 10/20. He loves to eat 2 times a day and eats 3/4 cup of food with 2 tablespoons of pumpkin as needed. He also gets a handful of snacks in the middle of the day (such as apples & bananas).

The only human food he has had is boiled chicken and rice. He is a trash can and will eat his food and other dog food as well cat food. He also will try to eat lizards, frogs, and bugs if given the chance. Therefore, his owner will need to have a strong hand on the leash. He is fed Royal Canin and Purina. He receives heartworm, as well as flea and tick, preventative monthly and has to have his ears cleaned once a week (his foster mom uses Epikalm).

He is totally housebroken and will tell you when he has to go outside or at night. He is used to sleeping in a crate but if given the opportunity he will snuggle up in bed with anybody. He has mostly Kong-type hard rubber toys as he will destroy soft ones fast. Herbie loves all people especially kids. He also loves small dogs, big dogs, and cats. He will require slow introductions to cats but will be fine after approximately 4 weeks. He wants to be touched all the time and loves the groomer or taking a bath at home in a big tub. He gets hot spots on his neck once in a while that the vets have treated with Apoquel and ointment in the past. Herbie loves rides in the car, even long rides. He has his own car seat and will stay in it without moving.

Herbie is young, active, playful, loving and sometimes mischievous. He loves to play and when given a tennis ball he tries to play soccer with it. He is a perfect French Bulldog….beautiful inside and out. He is also very friendly, cuddly and cute. He is absolutely the best dog ever!!