UPDATE 4/10/2017

Our beautiful foster French Bulldog, Holly (aka Halle Berry) of the “Georgia gang”, crossed the rainbow bridge in her sleep 4/9/2017 very peacefully in her foster mom’s living room.

Godspeed Halle Berry. You will always be loved and never forgotten. 💔💔💔

Holly, or Halle Berry as her foster mom likes to call her, was born on 6/8/2007 and is another frenchie from the “GA 10.” Halle weighs 26 pounds. She has been spayed and is current on her vaccinations.

Halle was found by the vet to have small ear canals from chronic allergies and multiple past ear infections. She currently has another ear infection and had suffered from some very painful ear drainage the other day. The vet performed an ear culture, but the results are still pending. Halle is currently on prednisone and antibiotics for her infection. The vet suspects that Halle has grown resistant to antibiotics and so they may need to come up with a special concoction to beat this infection. She doesn’t like ear cleaning when it causes discomfort, but she still is allowing her foster mom to clean her ears and provide the care her ears need right now.

Halle Berry is not 100% housebroken, but is doing almost all her potties outside. She needs to be taken out frequently, every 2-3 hours, to prevent accidents. She is able to sleep through the night without needing to go potty, though. Halle will need a forever home where her human is home most of the time and can lift a heavy dog. She is okay on a leash and can handle steps but a fenced yard would be ideal.

Halle is very patient and docile. She has been getting along very well with her foster siblings, another Frenchie and an older pug. However, Halle has separation anxiety. One night she broke out of a crate twice! She follows her foster mom everywhere and wants to be touching her at all times in the house. This is understandable given all that she has been through but her foster mom is speaking with a trainer about ways to help address her separation anxiety.

Berry is one happy frenchie when she is snoozing on her favorite couch in her foster home. And, like Joey from the GA 10, she is obsessed with the dishwasher. Gotta love a dog that likes doing the dishes! 🙂