We are fighting a battle to save Dolly Madison’s life!  It is with deep sadness that we have to report that Dolly had to undergo a major surgery a couple days ago.  Much to our surprise it was not her left ear, the ear we have been treating with laser therapy and medication for the last two weeks.  It’s her right ear, the ear that already had an ear ablation surgery.  This type of surgery requires a specialized Veterinarian to perform a very complex surgery.  The first ear ablation surgery prior to coming into rescue may not have completely removed all of the infected tissue and some of it was left behind.  There was an abscess that was lanced and drained at the animal hospital the first day that Dolly arrived into rescue.  We have been monitoring her abscess, but it was becoming larger and refilled with a large infection.  Even if the abscess was drained again, the abscess would likely return and ultimately end her life. Dolly had surgery on October 9th to dissect the infected fistula tract (where the large abscess was located) and 72 pellets of time released antibiotic were placed in the cleaned out area before it was closed up. The surgery took over an hour.  A long time for any dog, especially for a very sick little French Bulldog.

Dolly is at home with her Foster Mom who reports “it has been a very rough couple days for Dolly.  She never complains so it was especially difficult for me to see her shudder and hear her whimper in pain. My heart breaks for her and what she has had endure.  She still has such a long road ahead of her.  I just wish I had a magic wand to make her all better”.

Dolly has made so much progress in other areas the last couple weeks.  Many of the polyps in her left ear have been successfully removed with the laser therapy.  The recent results of her culture enabled her primary treating Doctor to give her the correct antibiotic and we hope that ear will completely recover.  Unfortunately for Dolly, the bacteria they identified is a very resistant bacteria to most antibiotics, a super bug that is difficult to treat because only a few select types of antibiotics will be effective. Our sweet little cupcake is still very sick.  If there is any shining light at all, it is that Dolly had a few weeks to build her immune system, gain weight, and built up muscle mass.  She simply would have not survived the surgery nor would the vet’s treating her would have attempted this procedure a few weeks ago.

The FBV made a commitment to Dolly the day she came into the village and we will see that commitment through.  She will receive the best medical care we can provide to get her well.  That commitment is not going to be easy, it is not going to be cheap and it is going to take at least 3  to 4 months to restore her body, mind and spirit to a healthy state.  Dolly will require 24/7 daily care by our volunteers, daily medications every 6 hours, 12 hours and 24 hours.  Herbedding will need to be washed every other day and she will need to be bathed every few days to get this infection eradicated. After she recovers from her ear surgery, she will continue her laser treatments. And when she is well enough she will have to undergo one more surgery to be spayed, and have a couple abscessed teeth removed.

We are fortunate to have two very experienced volunteers that will co-foster Dolly, and provide all of the care she needs.  She will have a Foster Mom and a Foster Dad that are less than 10 miles apart and that will help with transporting Dolly to her doctor visits, we estimate at least 10-12 more doctor visits!  Right now, we are expecting Dolly’s medical bills to be in excess of $4,000.00.  And that is with the generous discounts we have received from the team of veterinarians treating her. It is a great deal of money for a small little village to bear and we hope the French Bulldog community will join the FBV and come forward on Dolly’s behalf.  It will certainly take an entire Village to help Dolly get better.

We thank you, but more importantly, if this sweet little Doll could speak, she would thank you for helping to give her a second chance at a whole new life, one she has never had before now.  Your name will be added to our list of Dolly’s supporters listed below.  Licks & Hugs from Dolly and all of us at the French Bulldog Village.

We will update Dolly’s progress regularly, so please stop by to see how she is coming along.  You can also read how Dolly came into the French Bulldog Village rescue by searching for articles tagged with “Dolly”.