It is with great sadness that we learned of Beef’s passing. We send our love and deepest sympathies to his family.

Here is the email that we received from his forever mom:

“Beef was rescued from the Village in 2009; we had only 7 ½ years with him.  He, like so many other Frenchies, had horrible environmental and food allergies. When I saw his big smile and his floppy ears (from total ear canal ablations) my heart filled with love.  I’ve had many dogs over the years but only 1 “heart dog.” Beef had many medical issues but you would never know.  He never complained and had an amazing capacity for love. We are devastated to have lost such a soul.  Thank you Village for trusting me with such a small dog with a huge heart. Our lives are filled with sadness now but also gratitude for having loved him. Until we meet again Beef, I loved you with all of my heart.”

Run free sweet Beef.  You will always be loved.