UPDATE 4/3/2018: 

It is with great sadness that we let the Village know that foster Izzy crossed the Rainbow Bridge this past weekend. 

Here is what her Foster mom had to say about this beautiful girl: 

“Izzy came to the Village at 11 1/2 years of age with some serious health issues. She had IBD and protein loosing enteropathy. The high does of prednisone she was on to treat these issues caused Cushings disease. Late last week she was diagnosed with a colon tumor that continued to bleed causing her to become anemic. It was decided that the kindest thing we could do for her was to let her go and Rest In Peace. She was a trusting beautiful soul that will be remembered in my home as she will hold a place on the shelf next to my other rescues and personal pets that met her at the bridge.” 

Please welcome Izzy to The Village. Izzy is 11 years old and was going to be euthanized. She is suffering from IVDD and allergies. Her family could not longer properly care for her, but the Vet who called FBV thought this precious girl still had some spunk left in her. She has a very wobbly walk but is not incontinent (at least she has that going for her). She is also very skinny. Please stay tuned for updates on this little cutie’s progress!