HMMM?! besides the fact that Jack is actually an intergalactic spy, sent here to assess the need to continue the “no contact” rule for Earthlings? That we are all really on a prison planet meant to quarantine us from the more intelligent and peaceful beings in the universe.? Oh wait! he made me promise not to talk about that! oops! LOL!!! (sorry! i dream up all kinds of scenarios for him) except for the walking thing, Jacks perfect. He’s a total cuddle bug, couch, bed, wherever! he sits on my feet while i do dishes, or heaven forbid, while I’m in the bathroom (can’t a guy get some privacy!) while you’re WATCHING he acts like he needs you to lift him up. but if you don’t help he jumps up on the bed or couch unaided and looks around like, “gee, who knew?”  you’ll be happy to know he lost 2 lbs (2.5lbs?) and its not because of the feeding! Gordon misunderstood and was giving him a CUP of food each time NOT 1/2 a cup! yikes! he didn’t get a lot of those but whoa! its the very long sprinting walks i think, I’ve lost 5 lbs also, since we got Jack! the WALK thing is: we’re strolling and he just stops, i wait, i finally tug, he glares at me with that 1 eye, and it becomes some stubborn contest, he will not move! i have used treats, praise, stern voice, all for naught. what works is, I pick him up, hold him close, talk softly to him and walk about 20 ft. when i put him down he’s happy to stroll along quickly. THAT’S why I lost 5 lbs I’m sure, when we finally move next month, yes it got delayed! I’ll work more on the walking thing, but right now hes loves running all over the golf course we live on every night. Who knew the 10th hole would be so much fun?