It is with GREAT happiness that we announce that June Bug has been adopted by her foster family!  June Bug came into our care a few months back with some major separation anxiety.  She ate thru a metal crate just to get close to family!  Medically, June Bug had a large mass on her leg that ended up being positive for cancer. While we took the steps to remove the tumor, it is very unlikely that we were able to remove it all. Sadly, it’s only a matter of time before the cancer will begin to rear its ugly head again. All things considered, we did not want to impose this burden on another family and have elected not to post her for adoption. We gave the foster family the opportunity to either adopt June Bug or continue her care in our hospice care, and since they absolutely love her, they decided to officially make her part of their family!  She will have a great life with them and live out her days in pure happiness.  Congrats June Bug on finding your fur-ever home!