Another alum? Well, just look at who we have in our circle of friends here at the FRENCH BULLDOG VILLAGE. Well, it can’t really be, but yes it is, our own June Carter Cash, formerly known as Elsie.

June’s mama, Michelle, told us this about her:

“June is doing great! She’s such a delightful girl! She’s come a long way since we adopted her. She is incontinent but we knew that when we adopted her. Her incontinence has improved somewhat now that she has a structured routine. I take her out every two hours so she’s able to mostly hold it for that amount of time.

June gets along very well with our other rescue dog Gracie and cat Pumpkin.

We are moving to a nice little house outside of the city with a fenced in yard. June loves watching the squirrels and she’ll have no end of squirrels to chase at our new house.

She’s so much more confident around people and other dogs. A neighbor recently commented on how far she’s come since we adopted her last year!

We had a rough start last year with the incontinence, allergies and tummy upset, but we’re in a great routine now and other than the incontinence, which we manage with medication and frequent visits outside, she has no other problems.

She’s a dear little thing and has been a wonderful addition to our family.

We keep in touch with her foster mom, who was so helpful, especially, in the early months while we were figuring out what June needed. We’re so grateful for her and the sacrifices that she and her fiancĂ© made to care for June.

We can’t imagine life without our little Junebug and we’re so happy that she’s part of our family!”