Please give a warm welcome to new foster boy, Kato. Kato is 4 years, 10 months, and was surrendered due to his previous owner being allergic to him and not being able to provide him with the care he required. When he came into rescue, his fur was dirty from urine and feces, his ears were filthy, and his toenails were so long that some had embedded into his paws. Kato suffers from severe skin allergies which his foster home is trying to manage with medicated baths, medicines, and a prescribed diet. He also is completely blind in his right eye and partially blind in his left eye due to the premature development of cataracts. Despite his challenges, Kato is such a love bug!!! He shows his great need for attention in such positive ways; he does not bark unnecessarily, is crate trained, and is 100% housebroken. He is going to make someone a fantastic pet once he is feeling better!!

Kato will require months in foster care to heal from his infections and for his foster home and vet to determine how to best manage his allergies. Please keep an eye out for updates on Kato’s progress!