One year and two days ago, Dana and David picked Kiki up from her foster home.  It was the last day of teaching for the summer when they couldn’t wait to take Kiki to her forever home.  They got to meet Bernice and Conrad, Kiki’s foster brother and sister.  Kiki became VERY jealous when Dana and David showed any affection to anyone but her.  She was telling them, “Hey! Back off! They’re mine.”
This summer was awesome and memorable, Dana said.  “Kiki learned how to master the stairs, something previously unthinkable to her. She learned going down pretty easily (gravity); however, traveling up was a battle.  Conversely, we learned that peanut butter would not only motivate her to climb stairs but also drool uncontrollably.  Frenchies like their food!
Whenever I had a tough day at school, all I had to do was think of my four-legged baby at home to cheer me up. My three and four-year-old pre-K students knew so much about Kiki that during our pet week lesson each of them said they had a dog named Kiki too.
Kiki is an attention hog and diva. When walking outside, she becomes upset that not everyone is stopping, saying “hi” to her, or petting her. She will stop in her tracks, stare at them, and whine.  It works more than you think!  She demands you give her the attention she’s owed, which we are usually more than happy to give… though even as we type this, she’s making it difficult with her demand that she take a rightful place in my lap, keyboard be darned!
David and I spoil our little “one” and are the better for it!  We want to thank the Village for everything.  She is a valuable member of our family and we cannot and do not want to imagine life without her!  Words cannot express how grateful David and I are with the FRENCH BULLDOG VILLAGE RESCUE.  It’s not just a rescue but a family!
My first and only painting!”