Kiki, or Kiki bean, as her foster family calls her is a sweet little brindle nugget of love & joy. While we’re not certain on all the details of her previous life, she came to us with a few concerns to assess and correct. Currently, she has defied expectations and preliminary worries and seems highly adaptable. At this point, she’s made an easy transition into her foster home.

Kiki is a polite & tidy girl, with a need to please. She loves to greet her foster Mom after work with lap snuggles and kisses and becomes a puddle of chocolate pudding! She is house broken and goes to the door when she needs to go out.

She does fairly well on the leash, with gentle guidance and does not lead or pull. Kiki does not seem to be bothered by the sounds of barking dogs or traffic when on a walk. Thought Kiki has had no former training in commands or etiquette, her foster Mom states that she listens well to her direction. When she is tired or needs a break, she lays in her crate with her teddy bear. Kiki enjoys the company of her foster Mom’s resident Frenchman.

Kiki shows no indications that her previous assessments have any ring of truth, however her forever family will need to continue to reinforce her training. It’s also likely that they will need to consider going a step further with her training, unless they are mindful enough to know how to deal with a dog that becomes excitable or stressed in certain situations. Due to Kiki’s history, it’s unlikely she will be adopted to a home with young children.

Kiki does not have any issues with food aggression or possession of toys. However, she is learning to eat on a schedule and her foster Mom will be giving her plenty of exercise & diet to slim her down a bit. We are not yet sure how Kiki will interact with larger dogs or dogs outside of her foster brother. Time will reveal more about Kiki and we will continue to keep you posted!