Location: Mt. Royal, NJ

Age: 2

Sex: Female, spayed

Weight: 24

Kids: Yes, dog savvy

Cats: No

Dogs: Yes, around my size

Adoption fee: $600

Hi Everyone.  My name is Kiki.  I am a svelte little 24 pound French Bulldog with a lot of energy. I am currently living with my foster mom.  I had another home at one time, but they say I was naughty there and so they put me here where I could maybe learn some manners.

(I nipped my owner, but she was trying to put me in that wire box again, and I didn’t want to go in!

Anyways, I am over it now.  I have fur siblings as well as a mom who’s teaching me to be a solid citizen.  I am a beautiful brindle, with bright expressive eyes, as lovely as can be, if I must say so myself.  I have learned to sit and “leave it” on command though I must admit I don’t want to “leave it” at times.   I do not potty in the house (I am civilized now) nor do I pull on the leash.  I am most proud of the fact that I have learned to rest comfortably in the wire box they call a crate.   It has a door after all, and someone WILL come along to get me out after a bit.

Now, as to the way I like things, as I mentioned, I have fur siblings,  I adore them, except for the really large sized ones – they scare me a bit.   I truly don’t think I could be happy without one, that’s around my size though.  I also like to chase cats, birds and other small animals.  I’ve never caught one, but OH, I WOULD LIKE TO.  I don’t think I will get to go to a new home that has them.  

I’ve heard them talking on their phone’s about me, they said something about me not being ‘gressive with food.  I EAT my food just fine. My toys,  I’ll share, there’s always enough for everyone.  My mom always tells me “Kiki, you are such a love”.

She wants to tell you this:  “Kiki needs a strong leader and someone who won’t mind keeping up with her discipline and her walks.  Kiki is an amazing little dog (that’s me) who needs some further manners training.  She had some potty issues at her previous home but we have not seen any of that here. If you work all day it might be good for her to have a mid-day potty break. The most important thing is that she is a very young and active dog and if she doesn’t get her exercise she can become dominant.  She’s walked 4 times a day here and she still has zoomies to get out in the evenings.  She does need a dog brother or sister to play with and show her the ropes.   Her only possible health problem is breathing – she may need nare and palate surgery in the future, which can be costly.  One other important thing is we prefer applicants within 40 miles of Mt. Royal, NJ so that I can be available to help with anything that might come up.

Okay folks, it’s me, Kiki again.  I just want to tell you that I don’t need a lot of things.  I like any ole toy and I  don’t even mind sharing.  I just want a home of my own with a family and a fur sibling.  I will try so very hard to please you and make you proud of me, Kiki.

I don’t want to be narcissistic, but I’m thinking I’m going to get a lot of applications, I mean, if you see  my pictures (true, they are glamour shots) you can see I’m attractive, trim and bright.  Please put your application in so I can go over it.  I’ll have to let the humans make the final decisions and call you cause I don’t have one of those telephones plus, I can’t read..he..he..  Thank you, Kiki

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