UPDATE:  Lacy goes for bloodwork, radiographs, ultrasound and a couple of other tests tomorrow morning (3/7/14). We hope to have results on Tuesday. Please keep her in your prayers.


URGENT! We need your help. Sweet Lacy, the brave girl that has come so far since being found abandoned in a ditch, needs surgery. Lacy’s foster mom rushed to the vet yesterday morning because Lacy was not eating or drinking, she was lethargic, dry heaving and had bloody stool. The doctor’s did a round of tests (blood, urine, xrays, etc.) which showed possible gastrointestinal lymphoma. To confirm this diagnosis Lacy will need surgery and a biopsy. We have already spent a great deal of money getting Lacy to this point (see before and after pics) and another $500+ yesterday at the vet. We are asking for your HELP now to get Lacy the help she so deserves. If you can find it in your heart to help us help Lacy; you can donate here:

A special Thank You to Lacy’s sponsors:

Janet Sutton – Lacy get better soon
Felicia Comer – For Lacy
Elly Hunt – My heart goes out to you Lacy I wish I could have you here in Australia I would love you with everything I have Good Luck SweetPea xxxxWoof Woof
Justine Thibeau – For Lacy
Sarah Landon
Elaine Höj – This is for “Lacy” In Virginia from the Elainebjd_Fab5 on Instagram Hugs from the 5 Frenchie in Sweden ♥ I hope lacy will be better soon Love your work you do.
Juliet Hernandez – For Lacy I hope she gets better soon!
Robin Walat – For Lacy
Sarah Gehlman – Lots of love to Lacy!! Fight like a frenchie!! From Rudi.
Sabrina Desimone – Prayers for Lacy
Kayla Harrington – For Sweet Lacy- Hope you feel better soon! Your Friends, Pumpkin, Kiwi & Dozer
Anthony Lovell – For Lacy
Kathleen M Aspinall – For sweet Lacy
Danielle Schau – Good luck to lacy! She’s in our prayers!!! Xoxoxox
Ari Copeland – Please use this to help Lacey the French Bulldog
Theresa Gonzalez – For Lacy
Duane Simmons – For Lacy
Jose Bermudez Jr – For Lacy
Ruth Kayland – For Lacy


Phyllis Cassella
John Becker
Laurie Flash – For Lacy
Stephen Miller – For Lacy
Anya Baskin – For Lacy
Rachael Bray – This is for Lacy! With Love, Rachael, Maggie and Wembley
Natasha Mcvicker – Sending a donation for lacy all the way from a Frenchie lover in Northern Ireland. I hope it helps! Love from Natasha and Marley the Frenchie! Xxx
Lisa Metzger – For Lacy
Nathan Townsend – to help Lacy!
Bailey Collins – For Lacy
Melissa Myer – For Lacy
Adam Dahlen – Feel better, sweet girl! From Adam, Emily, and Homer Dahlen
Harry Lockwood – For Lacy
April Congdon – For Lacy
Debbie Racz – lacy’s medical expenses
Kushla Morgan – This is for Lacey I follow you guys in Australia I have a frenchie and I think what you do is wonderful
Chelsea Kram – For Lacy
Alexandria Kastner – For Lacy