Hey there ladies and gents! My name is Larry. I am 22 months old and weigh 29 lbs. I am neutered and up-to-date on vaccines. I was rehomed because I was having seizures and my previous family was no longer able to afford my care because of having to provide for three young human children.

I will miss my previous family but am very excited to have joined the Village and to be residing with my foster family in Arizona. I will be hanging my collar here in AZ until some of my medical issues are investigated further. The vet is evaluating my seizures and is helping me with some allergy issues I have.

Alright, I have to admit it…..I am a mover and a shaker; I love to be on the go! My foster mom tried giving me a pawdicure the other night and I was super squirmy (I was just trying to keep her on her toes). Well, I guess she showed me….She put one of those ThunderShirts on me and that thing actually calmed me down to the point it looked as though someone had snuck me a sedative. Little does she know, when that shirt comes off, I am going back to looking for some trouble to get into and will definitely hit my foster sisters up for a good old wrestling match!

I appreciate you all coming on here and reading about me. I promise you that I am just as awesome as I look. There is no Frenchie out there better than me!